We are pleased to offer a basic fisherman's package for your consideration. This is a six night stay with us and includes five full days of fishing. The cost for this stay is $3600.
Your booking with Port Vita Fishing Lodge includes:
  • Round trip transportation by boat to and from our remote lodge, after arriving in Kodiak
  • Lodging in one of our private and cozy guest cabins. Warm bedding provided
  • Fully guided and oufitted fishing in our local waters where you will catch your limit of halibut, cod, sole, grayling, ling cod, and seasonal salmon
  • Complete Oceanside fish processing -vacuum sealing and freezing. Roll up your sleeves and get involved, or simply relax and enjoy a much deserved cocktail after a full day of fishing, and let our experienced staff process your catch to your desired portion sizes. Each guest is guaranteed to take home one 50 lb box of fish, though additional fish can be obtained. Travel packaging for your fish is provided
  • Hot showers and a hot sauna or our traditional Alaskan "Banya" to help sooth your body after a day out on the water. Fresh, clean towels and hand crafted soap readily available
  • Luxurious home cooked meals, all scratch made, featuring fresh caught local seafood, sumptuous BBQ, fresh greens from our very own gardens, home made bread, and baked goods to satisfy any hunger. As well as coffee or tea, juice, water, etc to quench your thirst. If, however, your thirst is for something else, you are welcome to bring along any alcoholic beverages you wish
  • Plenty of opportunities to go hiking and sightseeing, beach combing, kayaking, eagle viewing, photography, or hunting. All of these activities can be done independently or guided, the choice is yours.
  • Regular whale sightings are a pleasant surprise and in addition, you will always see lots of sea otters, eagles, and sea ducks
  • Fly out bear viewing trips by Andrews Airlines can be easily arranged, prior to your arrival. Spend one of your days getting up close and personal with the great Kodiak bears
If a week long trip is too much for you, or perhaps you are eager for more, we will gladly work with you to create a package that suits your needs. We want you to get the most out of your stay with us, so let's put together something that works for you.


Here are a few things for your consideration when booking with us:
The Kodiak Archepalego may experience poor weather which can potentially affect your trip. Undesirable weather conditions have a tendency to delay or cancel your arrival and/or departure, as well as affecting the activities planned in between. Since we cannot control the weather, we have developed a cancellation policy that takes Mother Nature's unpredictable nature into consideration. Please read over our to fully understand how we deal with these particular situations that are beyond our control.
When initially planning your trip to Port Vita, please take into consideration that you may be spending a day or part of a day in the city of Kodiak. This is mostly due to the timing of your flights and the tidal charts that dictate when we can get to and from town from Raspberry Straight. This time in town gives you the opportunity to explore what Kodiak has to offer in the way of sightseeing, dining opportunities, and gift shopping. This also gives you the chance to pick up some last minute supplies, fishing licenses, and alcoholic beverages.
There is the alternative of flying out to Port Vita or back to Kodiak at the end of your stay, in a self chartered float plane trip via Andrews Airlines. If this is the avenue that your choose, please be advised that there will be added cost to your trip. We will gladly help you to book, and encourage you to consider this option. It is a twenty minute trip and it gives you the opportunity to see the land and water from a completely different perspective. The views are spectacular and worth every penny.
Port Vita is a family friendly resort. It is family owned and operated. We offer discounted rates for families with younger children and also offer a babysitting service for families that have younger children who may not want to spend their full days out on the water. There are plenty of exciting opportunities for young children to learn and explore right at camp, it's a great experience for young minds.
At Port Vita Lodge, we limit the size of the groups that we take to a maximum of six. We find that this number allows our guests a more comfortable and accomodating experience. Our guests receive more exclusive attention and more opportunities to be able to fish daily and always have access to a guide, regardless of the activity. Our friendly and considerate staff are flexible and willing to work with you to create a schedule that allows you to get the most enjoyment out of your trip.
We also do not have a set "check in" or "check out" time. We prefer to be flexible according to the needs of our guests. The tide table for any given day is our main consideration when it comes to planning trips to and from Kodiak. That being said, we want our guests to enjoy every last minute at Port Vita, and not feel like they are being rushed away at the end of their stay.